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Career Expo School District Registration

Connect your students with approximately 30 regional employers from a variety of industries at the 2024 Career Expo at Dansville High School on Thursday, May 23rd. Employers will provide application access for the array of available part- and full-time positions within their organizations. You will receive an employer list with their available positions (if provided) to share with your students in advance of the Expo.

You are invited to bring up to 50 students in grades 11 and 12 who are seeking employment upon graduation or as they complete their high school enrollment. You will have the opportunity to select your top two (2) preferred arrival times as you navigate the registration process.

Your students should be encouraged to bring a job application template already completed, and copies of their resumes (if they have them). We also encourage you to provide your students with a brief seminar on how to engage with employers at a job fair. Your confirmation email will contain:

• Your arrival time,
• Parking directions for your bus driver, and
• A one-pager for you to share with your students on how to successfully navigate a job fair.
Primary Contact First and Last Name
Please share your job title.
Please share your cell phone number. We request this of all lead chaperones, in the event of an emergency that day so that we have a means to contact you.
Time you prefer to arrive *
Please select your preferred arrival time. We will be working to assign arrival times to provide for maximum accessibility to employers. District requests for arrival times will be honored on a first come, first served basis. Your students will be welcome to attend for 45-60 minutes. We will confirm your planned attendance, additional details, and arrival time via a return email.

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