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LiT Sauces

LiT Sauces

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About Us

My companies name is "L.i.T. Sauce" standing for "Lost in The" Sauce. Usually because after you take a taste of one of my sauces, you have a moment where you get lost in and think "woh, that was good". I am a local company based out of Caledonia NY. My hope is to pursue local markets to house my sauce since one of my business philosophies is all about people and relationships and working together with other small businesses. I've only been in business for a little under a year and through word of mouth and social media, we are succeeding at getting our sauces around to different places and people. We've had a great response thus far which is why I'm so excited to officially roll out my first BBQ sauce flavor to be purchased in some local stores right now. I'm your guy for all your fun food ideas, contact me at lets make things Lit!


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BBQ lunch option for a catering event
BBQ lunch option for a catering event
Greek Santorini Salad
Greek Santorini Salad
Chimichur Chicken Wrap
Chimichur Chicken Wrap
5 Kids, a beautiful wife, one of a kind dog, and a small obsession with Marvel Movies
Worked for 16 years at Wegmans as a Chef, still work there PT

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